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Lazar Miletic is widely recognized as one of Serbia’s most exciting young viola talents.

Born in Kragujevac, Serbia in 1990 Lazar was a gifted child giving his first concert at the age of 10. As soloist on viola he debuted with Dusan Skovran String Orchestra from Serbia. During his studies he was awarded the prize from “Meri Zezelj” foundation as the most distinguished string player. His artistic achievements and contributions have garnered numerous national and international prizes. Lazar graduated in the class of Panta Velickovic and continued his studies with one of today’s most outstanding violist, Lars Anders Tomter. 

Lazar’s versatility lies in the fact that he plays the viola with the same energy whether he performs as a soloist or chamber musician. In the Swedish chamber orchestra Musica Vitae he lead the viola section for two years, and since 2016 he has been Artistic Leader and Director of MiN ensemble. Lazar participates in many international festivals all over the world as a soloist and with his ensemble. 

Miletic is a founder and artistic director of the international competitions ,,Art of strings" in Serbia and ,,MiN international competition" in Norway. 




J.C.Bach/H.Casadesus: Concerto in C Minor for viola and strings

J.S.Bach: Brandenburg Concerto n6 in B Flat for Two Violas 

B.Bartók: Viola Concerto

B.Britten: Lachrymae

M.Bruch: Romance op.85 

M.Bruch: Kol Nidrei op.47

C.Dittersdorf: Sinfonia Concertante

C.Forsyth: Viola Concerto in G Minor

G.F.Handel: Concerto for oboe G minor HWV287 (transcribed for Viola)

P.Hindemith:  Der Schwanendreher

F.Hoffmeister: Concerto in D Major for viola and orchestra

J.N.Hummel: Fantasie

C.Stamitz: Concerto in D Major for viola and orchestra

G.F.Telemann: Concerto in G Major for viola and strings

C.M.Weber: Andante and Rondo Ungarese

W,Walton: Viola concerto



J.S.Bach: Sonata n3 for Viola da Gamba (transcribed for Viola)

L.Boccherini: Sonata in C Minor G18

J.Brahms: Sonata n1 op. 120 

                    Sonata n2 op.120

                    Sonata n1 op.78 for Violin (transcribed for Viola)

G.Brunetti: Sonata in D major

R.Clarke: Sonata 

A.Corelli: Sonata op.5 n12 “Folia”

H.Eccles: Sonata in G Minor

G.Enescu: Concertpiece

A.Glazunov: Elegie

M.Glinka: Sonata in D minor

J.Hawkins: Urizen

P.Hindemith: Sonata op.11 n4

J.N.Hummel: Sonata op.5 n3

Massenet: Meditation from Thais

F.Mendelssohn: Song without words in D major op.109

Z.Kodaly: Adagio

Kreisler/Pugnani: Praeludium and Allegro

N.Paganini: Moto Perpetuo

S.Prokovief: Romeo and Juliet suite (arr.Borisovsky)

C.Reinecke: Drei Phantasiestucke op.43

A.Rolla: Sonata in E flat major

N.Rota: Intermezzo

N.Rota: Sonata n2 in C major

F.Schubert: Sonata “Arpeggione”

R. Schumann: Sonata n1 op. 105 (transcribed for viola) 

R.Schumann: Märchenbilder op. 113

C.Stamitz: Sonata in B flat major

A.Vivaldi: Six sonatas for Cello and Continuo (transcribed for Viola)

H.Vieuxtemps: Viola sonata op.36


J.S.Bach: Suite n1 in G Major; Suite n2 in D Minor; Suite n3 C Major, Suite n4 in E-Flat, Suite n5 in C minor.

                 Partita n2 BWV1004 (transcribed for Viola)

J.S.Bach/Kodaly: Chromatic Phantasy

Biber: Passacaglia

P.Hindemith: Sonata op.25 n1

M.Reger: Suite n1 g minor op.131d

                  Suite n3 op.131d

K.Penderecki: Cadence for viola

H.Vieuxtemps: Caprice



J.Brahms: Trio op.40 (trascription for viola)

F.Goldmann: Trio (Vier Stucke) for Viola, Cello and Doublebass

M.Haydn: Divertimento in E flat minor for Viola, Cello and Doublebass

W.A.Mozart: Trio “Kegelstatt” K498

M.Kirsten: Partie a tre (Viola, Cello and Doublebass)




L.van Beethoven: String Quartet n4 op.18

                                  String Quartet n6 op.18

A.Borodin:  String Quartet n2

Bowen: Quartet for 4 violas

F.J.Haydn: String Quartet n3 op76 “The Emperor”

F.Mendelssohn:  String Quartet n2 op13 MWV R22

                              String Quartet n3 op.44 MWV R28

W.A.Mozart:  String Quartet n19 K465 ” The Dissonances”

                        String Quartet n22 K589 “Prussian”

F.Schubert:  String Quartet n13 D804 “rosamunde”

P.l.Tchaikovsky:  String Quartetn1 op.11

G.Verdi: String Quartet in E minor



J.Brahms:  Piano Quartet n3 op.60

A.Dvorak:  Piano Quartet n2 op.87

G.Faurè: Piano Quartet n1 op.15

G.Mahler:  Piano Quartet in A minor

W.A.Mozart: Piano Quartet K478

D.Shostakovich: Piano Quartet op.57

R.Schumann: Piano Quartet op.47

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